Built with advanced polymer technologies, Sandtrapper Bunker Liners offer a wide range of product options to meet the design needs and budget requirements of any project. As an integral part of any bunker system, Sandtrapper improves bunker performance and reduces bunker maintenance by creating a barrier between sand and substrate, eliminating washouts and keeping sand free from contamination.

Our mission...

To provide the best performance/value relationship backed by unrivaled customer service and delivery. Period.

Since its inception back in 1999, Sandtrapper remains the only bunker liner designed from the ground up. It's not based on a reapplication of existing technology, but a complete re-evaluation of the dynamic hydraulic properties present in bunkers.

We've long based our product development philosophy on the belief of delivering high performance and value for the selected application. Our range of products allows the architect to reach their design goals without sacrificing maintenance capabilies.

The product development of Sandtrapper began with two styles, Sandtrapper II and Sandtrapper I. Since then, Sandtrapper has ... (more)

Sandtrapper offers straight forward installation methods and delivery options that accomodate "do-it-yourself" facilities. When installing Sandtrapper, a few simple guidelines can be followed ... (more)

In The News ...

Oak Park Country Club, Oak Park, IL

This Donald Ross course, built in 1914, was recently renovated in time for it's Centennial Celebration.

In alignment with the club's mission, Jacobson Golf Course Design, Inc. continued its long term relationship with the Club and developed a bunker restoration plan to preserve this classic
Donald Ross design ... (more)

Osprey Point, Kiawah Island, SC

Recently reopened (October 2014) after a major turf and bunker renovation. Under the direction of Tom Fazio, the course underwent a complete conversion to Paspalum on the greens, tees and fairways. The bunkers ... (more)

More Notable Installations

For a look at other recent projects ... (more)

Sandtrapper Product LineUp

Sandtrapper II, In project settings where performance is paramount, Sandtrapper II is your only choice. Where heavy weather... (more)

Sandtrapper MD, Sandtrapper MD combines high performance and affordability, addressing those needs where budgets are... (more)

Sandtrapper I, For those facilities that have less severe bunker designs, Sandtrapper I delivers solid control and is an extremely... (more)

Sandtraper SL, The "soft-loft" technology is very different than other Sandtrapper styles. The SL option is constructed... (more)

Worldwide Distribution

No matter where around the globe you're bunker project is, we can get Sandtrapper there. Since the beginning, we've managed international freight shipments with ease. We have the expertise with the handling and documentation neccessary for worldwide shipping and can do it efficiently.

With a strong dealer/distributor network, we inventory Sandtrapper in key locations to get product moving quickly and easily. (more)

Sandtrapper Videos

We've collected a group of clips that will aide in product and installation knowledge... (more)

Bunker Toolbox

We've collected a huge amount of resources to help facilities plan, organize and execute bunker renovation project. If you're trying assess all the different factors related to these efforts, the Bunker Toolbox contains valuable information.

The Toolbox contains planning overviews, project templates, checklist forms, communications guidelines, and much more. (more)