SInce it's launch in 1997, the Sandtrapper product line has increasingly been the product of choice for bunker construction and renovation. With its ease of installation, consistent specification, product performance, longevity, and return on investment calculus, our products are delivering the best in bunker protection at the best value.

The Cost Benefit Analysis

Dollar for dollar, Sandtrapper provides greater quality materials and binders while maintaining stringent control over specification tolerances. Compared to other bunker management solutions, Sandtrapper delivers the best price/value relationship.

Other options such as hardscapes and can price out more than two to three times than that of Sandtrapper. Additionally there are no hidden costs with Sandtrapper. This can be an issue with hardscape solutions should the locally available aggregate not meet spec and require aggregate from other areas at greater cost.

Turf professionals know that the cost to implement Sandtrapper makes it an easy, intuitive decision. When considering other bunker renovation line-items, the cost of Sandtrapper makes the bunker investment more secure, with greater recuperation of costs through reduced on-going maintenance.

Ease of Installation With No Surprises

When considering any bunker protection solution, it is always important to understand the details of installation and what factors may be problematic. With Sandtrapper, installation has always been a simple, intuitive process. No special tools are required. No special conditions are necessary.

From the beginning, we’ve always provided basic guidelines that are easy to follow and help produce the best result. With Sandtrapper, installation can be performed by internal staff and don’t require specialized installers. This is especially important for many facilities that choose to tackle a few bunkers at a time as their schedule and budgets permit.

One convenient advantage is that the weather won’t hamper Sandtrapper installation. Temperature and humidity don’t impact Sandtrapper projects. Other solutions with more involved procedures creates a slower, more unpredictable schedule and can stall a project for days or weeks. With Sandtrapper, you can immediately unload sand once the product is secured.

Low Disruption to Playability

Over the last 16 years, we’ve seen countless projects undertaken. Even though each project will have slightly different adaptations, one factor has remained constant -- low disruption to play. With Sandtrapper, bunkers can be prepped, liner installed, and sand unloaded in a very reasonable amount of time.

Disruption to play is often overlooked when beginning a project, but can quickly become a major focus of complaints by golfers. When installation is more complex, with more rigid requirements, the disruption can be quite significant.

Sandtrapper is a Proven Technology

Sandtrapper has been sold and installed since 1997, at over 6,000 facilities with over 80,000,000 sq. ft. shipped worldwide. The Sandtrapper brand is a recognized and trusted name in bunker renovations and performance. The Sandtrapper solution is a simple methodology that is known by architects, builders and facilities.

Unrivaled Performance

The Sandtrapper product line provides superior drainage, prevents sand contamination and eliminates washouts. We manufacture our products with high-quality materials and binders while maintaining stringent control over specification tolerances. We publish our specifications and stick to it on every production run and order shipped.

Sandtrapper works in all climates and conditions, will not break down in heat or moisture and has excellent resistance to U.V. light. The synthetic matrix is ASTM tested and consistently produces excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength marks. This quality and consistency provides for downstream savings in labor and maintenance costs over the long haul.

Product Support and Customer Service

The Sandtrapper Team processes orders and gets product moving in a professional, fast, and reliable manner. This results in no delays or logistics problems to interrupt your project. We've been moving product worldwide for years and do so in a trouble-free manner. And with a 10-year Product Warranty, Sandtrapper remains the best supported product in the industry.